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We are currently in BETA and assembling a team for our initial release.

If you are interested in participating and collaborating in the growth and impact of our community please read our Mission Statement and submit an inquiry to learn more.
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In this time of rapid and profound transformation, we need connection and community with like-minded, freedom loving people who stand for justice and sovereignty together.

Autonomous technology, manipulated markets and weaponized media are threatening society, fabricating division, destroying our ability to think critically and pitting people against each other as we hurtle towards an uncertain and frightening future. 

It seems that we lack the collective willpower and collaboration necessary to address the real issues critical to our species survival. 

Renegade Collective is a community and media platform with the mission to amplify human connection and bring to light ideas, conversations and solutions that are desperately needed for us to create a thriving future amidst global forces that seem to be pushing us towards chaos and tyranny. 


We are Renegades. Renegades of the status quo. 

In a world of crisis and civilizational change, with global corporate influence threatening our sovereignty and health and social media creating a culture of division, emotional reaction and ideology we strive for truth, understanding and collaboration. 

We believe in the power of human ingenuity and creativity.

We believe in human connection and collaboration and the possibility to find common ground and collaborate towards a better world regardless of our political, spiritual, religious and even philosophical beliefs.

We are opposed to the centralized hierarchical power structures that have oppressed and divided people for centuries and the current global socialist plutocracy that is threatening to erode the rights and liberties of people around the world.

We are a community of like minded individuals, professionals, students, parents, educators, politicians, entrepreneurs, influencers, doctors, lawyers, creatives, activists and artists, who all believe in the values of personal responsibility, freedom, justice and truth as necessary elements in a free, prosperous and healthy society.

We are not affiliated with any political parties or religious beliefs and we welcome ALL seekers of truth and warriors for freedom. 

We welcome all people of the earth without prejudice, regardless of your race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political ideals or any other label used to divide and create conflict among us.

We value personal responsibility, liberty, justice and truth. 

We know RIGHT from WRONG and when we see wrong in the world we speak up to condemn it.

We are educated, well informed and can think for ourselves.

We are immune to political propaganda.

We see clearly through the matrix of control and manipulation.

We value our inherent unalienable rights and will fight to defend them from tyrants, fascists and oppressors who seek to abolish them.

We are free. We are brave. We are united. We are sovereign. 

And we will defend our rights & our sovereignty, TOGETHER.


  • Meet other 'Renegades' like you, so we can exchange ideas & information, discuss important topics, and discover specific ways to take action, be the change and create solutions.
  • Make better, more informed decisions about how to adjust, prepare and even thrive during these challenging times so you can secure your family, your wealth and your rights.
  • Find inspiration, connection and encouragement from others around the world who share our worldview and also desire to live in a world of freedom and peace.
  • Get answers and find solutions to the many questions and concerns you might have about how to navigate these challenging times and even come out on top.

Current Strategy

PHASE 1:   Assembling the Team
PHASE 2:  Growing the Community
PHASE 3:  Exposure through Digital Media Content (podcast/summit/YouTube)
PHASE 4:  Actions for Change

Core Elements

1. Social Community: a private social network outside outside of the noise and censorship of Facebook and Big Tech

2. Information and Education: sharing of relevant information, articles, research and sources covering relevant and important topics

3. Digital Media: Podcast show, virtual summit and video content to create engaging content, facilitate important conversations, explore current events deeply and expand our reach.

4. Virtual Community Events: regular virtual gatherings and events to foster community, connection, conversation and share viable solutions

5. Community Swag: Show off your renegade spirit with our Renegade Swag! 

The Issues

Some of the issues we'll be looking at include but are not limited to: 

  • Media Corruption, Propaganda and Manipulation
  • ​The Global Monetary System, Cryptocurrencies and Alternative Solutions
  • Global Corporate Corruption and Influence on Policy
  • Global Child Sex Trafficking and Global Slavery
  • Medical Industry Corruption
  • ​Global Food & Agricultural Control
  • ​The Rise of Surveillance Capitalism
  • ​Exploring Politics and the Division of Left & Right
  • ​Legal History and Common Law
  • ​and much much more as our community and collaborators grow... 

Learn More About Joining Our Team

At this time we are preparing for a beta release of our social community and are looking for a few key team members and collaborators to help us get this project off the ground!

We're looking to find 3-5 key team players to work directly on the growth of the project and many more content contributors and creators to lead special interest groups within the private social network community.

If you feel alignment with our mission and would love to contribute to a global project and dedicate your passion, gifts and talents towards a better world we'd love to talk with you!

Key Roles and Skills We're Looking For Right Now:

  • Operations Manager / Project Manager
  • ​Community Manager
  • ​Social Media & Content Creation
  • ​Writers, Bloggers, Media Creators
  • ​Researchers
  • ​Social Network Group Facilitators

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